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Why Does Your Lab Need a Fume Hood?

Advantaes of High Performance Fume Hoods

LOC Scientific offers a wide variety of quality American made laboratory furniture, and we also offer industry-specific lab design to help you make the most of it. We offer a vast array of lab furniture and fixtures, including lab fume hoods, lab fixtures, workbenches and much more.

As a lab furniture supplier to businesses in many industries as well as to government agencies, we carry dental lab equipment and furniture, forensic crime lab equipment, and lab furniture for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Education, Research & Development, and more.

We’ve been in business since 1986, and our focus is on providing safe, durable and cost-effective laboratory furniture for our clients as well as intuitive lab design that helps you make the most of its functionality and work more efficiently -- whatever your industry may be. Besides Laboratory Design, other services we offer include Project Management, Installation, Maintenance, and Fume Hood Calibration.

From lab design to equipment and furniture installation, we make the process of creating the perfect lab for your needs much easier. LOC Scientific wants to be your lab furniture company of choice, so contact us today and let us know how we can serve you!

An Interior Design Guide for Laboratories

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Max Efficiency Layout for the Modern Lab

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Cleaning and Care for Trespa Phenolic Resin Counter Tops

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Safety Must-Haves for Any Lab

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How You Know it’s Time to Upgrade Your Fume Hood

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A More Comprehensive Look at Fume Hoods

While some fume hood designs have very specific designs and purposes, it’s important to view your fume hood choice comprehensively.  When consideri
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ASHRAE 110: What You Need to Know About Fume Hood Safety Inspections

The main purpose of installing a fume hood in a laboratory is safety. It’s that si
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Tips for Picking Correct Countertops and Furniture

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Why Every Lab isn’t Created Equal

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Fume Hood Testing is Essential

As a lab owner it’s key to ensure ideal working and safety conditions for your employees and staff.  A key area to address is your fume hood.  Lik
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Laboratory Furniture FAQs

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Lab Fume Hood Types

Determining which laboratory fume hood is right for your lab is a very important dec
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Top Laboratory Stressors

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Finding the Right Modular Workstation

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Importance of Laboratory Seating

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Cleaning and Care of Epoxy Resin Countertops

The advantages of epoxy resin countertops are clear. In addition to their durabili
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Must Have Fixtures in Your Lab

Whether designing a new lab from the ground up, or doing a complete renovation, there are many things to consider. So many decisions, in fact, that it
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Why Does Your Lab Need a Fume Hood?

If you work with potentially harmful materials in your laboratory, a fume hood is an
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Advantaes of High Performance Fume Hoods

There have been significant improvements in the fume hood industry within the past f
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History of Technology on Lab Furniture

Since the early 1800’s, the development of laboratory furniture has improved leaps
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Why Choose Ergonomic Lab Seating

If you have ever ordered a new chair for work then you’ve definitely come across the word “ergonomic”. While it’s clear that that’s the type
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Fume Hood Guide

When remodeling or designing a new laboratory it’s important to consider the individual demands and workloads fume hoods will face.  No one fume ho
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