Why Does Your Lab Need a Fume Hood?

If you work with potentially harmful materials in your laboratory, a fume hood is an essential piece of equipment to keep researchers, employees, teachers or students safe.

While many different types of fume hoods exist, the basic principle behind them all is a work space with one open side that allows fresh air to be drawn into the hood. The moveable glass panel with the open side is called the sash. Even in the closed position, sashes still allow air to enter the fume hood. The air is then released through an exhaust vent or duct.

All work with radioactive material, perchloric acid or other material that could be explosive or corrosive, and chemicals that release noxious fumes should be done inside a fume hood.

Ideally, fume hoods should be located in a part of your lab with low foot traffic to minimize the amount of turbulence in the air that could allow contaminants to escape into the lab. Our Installation Team has had more than twenty years of experience and can help you determine the best place to put your new fume hood.

If your laboratory needs a fume hood, contact the Product Specialists at LOC Scientific today.