Experience and details are the most important keys to a successful laboratory design

When faced with the challenge of designing a new laboratory or planning a renovation, there are many details to consider. LOC Scientific strives to support you in the decision making and equipment selection process from casework to fume hoods. Our team of professionals, with years of experience in design, engineering, management and installation, want to assist you each step of the way. With LOC’s lab design expertise, you are ensured that nothing will be overlooked and that your specific needs will be built into the design from the beginning. Utilizing custom tools and programs allows our designers to make your concept become a reality and your lab project a success.

Labs We Have Built

LOC Scientific builds laboratories for many different industries. View our entire portfolio.


Benefits of Contracting with the LOC Scientific Design Team

LOC Scientific has worked with some of the most noticeable names in industrial, research & development, government, healthcare & pharmaceutical, education, and consumer goods.

Our team has had no laboratory that they could not handle. Our experienced team will deliver your laboratory for the best value and fit it within your budget.

Accurate Estimates

Here at LOC Scientific, we understand that you are on a budget and we are experienced in providing a quick and accurate budget. Fixed component prices are constructed into your design estimates.

Strong Price Quotes

LOC Scientific will provide you with the most accurate price quotes throughout each phase of the project. This will allow us to give you a strong price quote upon completion of our final renderings.

Your Personal Contact

You will have your own project manager to be your personal contact with LOC Scientific. Your project manager will go through and outline your options with the pros and cons of all of your requirements.

Also, your project manager will oversee your lab construction and the installation of your lab. This confirms the process of creating your lab is completely accurate and efficient.

Your Own Personal Custom Design

LOC Scientific provides a wide variety of custom designs for every single one of our customers. Also, LOC Scientific has a variety of colors to choose from for your precise needs

Take a look at our standard color list here.

3D Laboratory Renderings

LOC Scientific gives you all-inclusive laboratory design and planning for your own laboratory. This will be made to custom-fit your personal needs. Every detail and feature you can think in your laboratory design can be made possible by LOC Scientific Inc. View our 3D laboratory renderings to see a variety of configurations for different industries.

When using this method it confirms accuracy in the process of producing your laboratory and reduces issues that may go on in the process.

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Industrial Manufacturing