Fume Hood Exhaust Fans

Fume Hood Exhaust Fans

Proper Ventilation for Your Lab’s Fume Hood

The safety of your laboratory is imperative to your employees and to the community that you’re in. Labs that work with hazardous materials must install proper safety equipment to achieve this. We provide a large inventory of fume hood exhaust fans to help your lab promote a healthy and safe work environment.

Fume hood exhaust fans function as a filter to remove potentially unsafe mists, dust, and particles from the air. They should not be confused with biosafety cabinets, which have a different function.

Using Fume Hood Exhaust Fans Safely

Fume hoods require that they display information on the equipment showing the highest sash height for safe operation, and the sticker must indicate its current calibration number. The fume hood should not be used if there’s no sticker on it.

The equipment also needs to have a monitoring device that tells lab workers what the pressure is on the fume hood. The pressure is measured with either a TSI flow meter or by a Magnehelic pressure gage. The fume hood should not be used if the pressure is greater or less than the pressure indicated on the equipment. All employees should be trained in the operations of fume hood exhaust fans to ensure their safety.

Lab workers should also be advised about working around the fume hood. The exhaust system should be kept free of all debris, and nothing should be stored near this equipment. Additionally, all electronics should be kept at a safe distance. Employees must keep a distance of at least six inches from the hood face so that they don’t inhale contaminants. Let us help you choose the right fume hood for your facility for a healthy workforce.

LOC Exhaust Fan Features

LOC exhaust fans are designed for efficient, quiet, continuous ventilation of your fume hood.

Standard features include a forward curved impeller with a corrosion resistant asphaltum
coating, pre-wired motor, weatherproof housing with drain plug and inlet/outlet transitions
to match our PVC exhaust duct. Other coatings and spark resistant blowers are also available upon request.

Use the “Full Volume” remote exhaust fan when your design requires face velocities set at the full open sash level.

Fume Hood Exhaust Fans

LOC provides quality PVC and polypropylene blowers for a variety of laboratory applications. The components are vacuum-formed and manufactured in accordance with the best standards of ISO 9001-2000. LOC fans are developed to precise tolerances, with well-balanced impellers for whisper quiet operation.

LOC plastic fans are designed for use in corrosive environments, with high degrees of humidity and moisture, and hold up well under exposure to caustics, chlorine, or acids.