“HD” Modular Workbench

The HD Modular is the single most cost-effective lab workbench you can buy.

The display photo features a custom configuration. Build your own heavy duty modular workbench, starting with a frame available in light blue, light gray or light beige. Pictured below is light beige with a white work surface and black “T” molded edges.

The accessories displayed in the photo are:

  • An upright support
  • Overhead light frame
  • Cantilever shelf with bin holders
  • Air supply and power supply
  • A 6 inch and a 12 inch drawers
  • Foot rest with a guard


  • Heavy duty – four-leg table design
  • Rated up to 5,000 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
  • Standard table height is 30″
  • 2” square legs
  • Full accessory line available
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Make the unit mobile with optional casters

For more information regarding our heavy duty workbench line of accessories and customization contact one of our experience sales members.