How do I know which fume hood is right for my lab?

Our Product Specialists are here to help you along the way. Please contact us online or at 1-877-527-5775 to get started.

How often do I need to have my fume hood system inspected?

It is recommended, and required by law in most states, to have your fume hood system tested once a year at a minimum. Please see our Hood Testing page for more information on how LOC Scientific can help.

How do I know the last time my fume hood was inspected?

All fume hoods have a coded certification attached to them along with a marking somewhere displaying the date of last inspection.

Is LOC Scientific certified to inspect fume hoods?

Yes. LOC’s service team inspects and makes any adjustments necessary to repair your fume hood system.

Do I have to wait for the year to be up to have my fume hood inspected?

If you ever suspect the integrity of your fume hood and how it’s operating, you should get it inspected immediately. You do not have to wait for a year to pass, and shouldn’t if the fume hood isn’t operating like it should. Your safety could be at risk.

Will my fume hood system work for all experiments being done in my lab?

Absolutely not. One of the most important issues concerning fume hoods is choosing the right one for your lab. There are several critical factors to consider when planning your fume hood systems. Feel free to contact one of our product specialists to help decide which is best for your lab.