The education of our students is one of the most important things in society. LOC Scientific understands that by designing, providing and installing the right science lab equipment for hihger education can help foster the learning process.

These 3D renderings are just a few of the configurations of higher education labs that we design. In the event that your space is different or if you have another layout in mind, we’re more than happy to work with you to provide your school with the lab that fits your needs best.

From casework and fume hoods, to fixtures and safety equipment, LOC has you covered. If you have any questions about our labs, contact a member of the LOC Scienfitic team today.

160 Sq. Ft.


330 Sq. Ft.


350/450 Sq. Ft.


500 Sq. Ft.


550 Sq. Ft.


560 Sq. Ft.


910 Sq. Ft.


1100 Sq. Ft.


1200 Sq. Ft.


                     1250 Sq. Ft.