Laboratory Sinks

Laboratory Sinks

LOC Scientific is proud to offer a wide range of American made laboratory sinks to fit whatever your lab requires. Our epoxy  and stainless steel sinks paired with our epoxy resin countertops and stainless steel countertops will help your lab remain strong and durable against harsh chemicals and high temperatures.

Epoxy Sink

Epoxy Drop In Sinks

The benefit of drop in sinks is that they’re top mounted. This simplified method of installation seals the sink cutout and eliminates the worksurface overhang between the inner walls of undermount sink basins and the sink cutout which can gather residual chemicals and bacteria.

Undermount Sink Epoxy

Epoxy Undermount Sinks

Epoxy resin undermount sinks have been installed in laboratories for over 40 years. Like our epoxy resin countertops, their chemical resistance, long-term durability, and our wide variety of sizes make epoxy resin undermounts the industry standard for this style of epoxy resin sink.

Stainless Steel Lab Sinks

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks have extremely high sanitary benefits, durability, and design versatility which make them a choice for many laboratories today. For a complement to our stainless steel lab furniture, our stainless steel sinks stand up to harsh, corrosive laboratory environments.

If you have any questions about any of LOC’s laboratory sinks, contact us today.

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