Lab Furniture

Lab Furniture

LOC Scientific provides a complete line of American made stainless steel, metal, wood, and laminate laboratory furniture. In a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit virtually any room or application. Quality construction and features, along with the best value, that ensures you have the lab furniture that will promote productivity and will endure for many years to come.

Our commitment does not begin with just providing products. One of our experienced Product Specialists will evaluate your specific needs and will assist you in making the best selection for your furniture application. LOC will then guide you through your project from start to completion.

LOC Scientific provides laboratory casework constructed from a variety of materials, sizes, and configurations to fit virtually any room or application. Quality construction and features, along with the best value, ensures that you will have a laboratory that promotes productivity which will endure for many years to come.

Choosing the Best Lab Cabinets for Your Workspace

By combining quality lab furniture and cabinets in stock sizes, you can build a quality lab layout with plenty of chemically resistant storage for your facility. We offer a wide variety of cabinets in many finishes to provide your lab with the most effective storage and worksurface options.

Design From the Ground Up

When choosing base lab cabinets pr lab furniture, consider both the size you need and the weight of anything that may need to sit on the counter. For example, if your cabinet countertops need to be stone or concrete to reduce the risk of staining and damage over time, be sure to invest in base cabinets with a high weight tolerance.

If diagnostic tools or other testing equipment need to be placed permanently on top of a particular stretch of cabinetry, your choice of both base cabinet and countertop will need to be considered if the testing unit is particularly heavy.

Location and Depth Considerations

Most lab wall cabinets are 12 inches deep, while base cabinets are 24 inches deep. If you need workspace under your wall cabinets, consider adding lights under the wall cabinets to provide technicians with the best conditions for accuracy. Consider also the type of cabinetry hardware you want to use for best cabinet access. If lab technicians are generally gloved, a larger handle with a brushed finish will offer a better grip.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry

If you need a chemically resistant floor to ceiling storage cabinets, we can help you choose storage that will suit both your workers and the products you need to store.

For example, is ventilation a concern? What about weight? Limited storage options can lead workers to place seldom-used items high and out of the way, but this may not be the safest course. When designing your custom laboratory features, be sure to provide your technicians with easy access to the safest storage options.

A Professional Look for Your Lab Cabinets

Technically minded people work best in a place of order and well-designed function. By investing in lab cabinets that offer a sleek look with plenty of quality storage, you can help your researchers, technicians, interns, and students a logically ordered place to work with focus.

Laboratories come with plenty of requirements to make sure that everyone in the space is working safely. Contact LOC Scientific for the best selections in your cabinetry layout.


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