High Performance Hood

Trilogy High Performance Fume Hood

Trilogy Fume Hoods are designed to provide maximum personal protection at an economical cost by operating at a low velocity and reducing exhaust volume. The LOC Trilogy hood functions at an exhaust volume of less than half of a conventional hood. Not only does it save you money by reducing the volume of air that needs to be conditioned and exhausted, it reduces the size of the HVAC equipment saving on the original capital investment, making you highly efficient from start to finish. The Trilogy hood provides three essential components: high performance, energy savings and safety.


  • Engineered baffle system for proper air distribution and constant face velocity.
  • Rounded corners at hood entrance for Smooth air flow with less turbulence.
  • Aerodynamic sash pull with keyed lock.
  • Flush sill containment trough with directional vanes and white Plas-Cote finish for durability and chemical resistance.
  • Cord pass through allows the sash to fully close without interference from appliance cords.
  • Safety bar at the lower entrance of the hood provides the operator a personal safety barrier.
  • 35” high viewing area.
  • White Resin-Chem interior with vapor proof T8 fluorescent light for bright interior viewing.
  • Full view sash frame with top hung horizontal sash panels provide 27 ½” high interior access.
  • 18” vertical opening with a keyed sash stop to access 27 ½” set-up position.
  • Double wall construction for installation of plumbing and electrical fixtures and concealed routing of piping and wiring.
  • Round stainless steel duct collar (two on 8’ hoods) for connection to the dynamically balanced upper air plenum of the hood.


  • A variety of optional service fixtures are available.
  • LOC’s exclusive System Indicator Light (SIL) alerts lab personnel if their hood system is activated.


Trilogy High Performance Fume Hood Dimensions

Trilogy High Performance Fume Hood Specs

The static pressures listed above are for the hoods only. An appropriate amount will need to be added to this figure to compensate for the pressure drop through the duct system. The total pressure drop through the hood and the duct system must be known to select the proper exhaust blower.

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