Fume Hood Duct

LOC’s Fume Hood Ducting is fabricated to meet your lab’s specifications according to the type of fume hood, ductwork design, and materials used and exhausted from the lab.  Every fume hood is unique and needs to be outfitted with the appropriate exhaust fan and ducting to ensure safety of the user.  LOC has been helping clients make these decisions on fume hood ducting systems for over 20 years, and one of their Product Specialists would be happy to work with you as well.

Fume Hood Duct Straight
Fume Hood Duct 90
Fume Hood Duct 45Fume Hood Duct Tee
Fume Hood Duct CouplingFume Hood Duct Reducer
Fume Hood Duct WyeFume Hood Duct Flex Connector
Fume Hood Duct Zero Pressure Cap