Portable Hood

LOC Scientific Portable Fume Hood

With LOC's Portable Fume Hood, remote control valves have forged brass valve bodies for strength and durability. Valves for gas, air, vacuum and special gases are of needle type design with a stainless steel floating cone and replaceable seat. Valves for steam service have a flat Teflon valve disc and stainless steel replaceable seat. Valves for water service have a renewable unit including a stainless steel seat and volume control. All outlet assemblies are furnished with a color coded epoxy acid and solvent resistant coating. 


  • Fully welded, painted square tubing base
  • Single tube fluorescent light, exhaust fan, light and fan switched, duplex outlet and a double sided gas hose connector are all contained in the upper metal housing
  • Interior work surface is black epoxy resin and enclosed with 1/4 " Plexiglas viewing panels
  • Front viewing panel is hinged

Additional Features

  • Locking swivel casters
  • 6 foot long power cord
  • 6 feet of 2" diameter flexible exhaust duct

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