Forensic Lab Equipment

A well-equipped crime lab helps forensic scientists do their job more efficiently, which in turn can help them to solve more crimes, faster. LOC Scientific carries the high quality forensic crime lab equipment you need to conduct the processing of evidence in the most accurate way possible.

The equipment we offer for the forensic lab includes:

  • Evidence Drying Cabinets in single chamber, multiple chamber and benchtop models.
  • Fume Chambers in Tall, Benchtop or multiple-chamber models and in a variety of sizes to fit your crime lab equipment needs.
  • Downflow Workstations in multiple sizes to protect staff and the environment from harmful vapors.
  • Evidence Benches designed for streamlined use and high volume evidence processing.

LOC Scientific offers many varieties of forensic laboratory equipment and can assist you in deciding which types and sizes of equipment are ideal for your crime lab. Let us put together a solution that works for you and your employees.

We pride ourselves on offering quality scientific equipment that is American made. Contact us with any questions you may have about the forensic crime lab equipment we offer.


Evidence Drying CabinetEvidence Drying CabinetFuming ChamberFume Chamber
Downflow WorkstationDownflow WorkstationEvidence BenchEvidence Bench