Wood Lab Cabinets

wood laboratory furniture & casework

When designing or renovating an existing lab, it's important to have choices in the materials that you decide to use. Should you go with metal or wood cabinets? What if the structure or function of the lab changes in the future? Wooden laboratory furniture is designed exactly with this type of customization in mind.

Not only is wood casework long-lasting and stylish, it also comes in a variety of sizes and finishes that can be reconfigured to suit your specific laboratory needs. View our entire catalog for more information on our complete wood furniture inventory. Contact LOC Scientific today with any questions you may have.

Features and Benefits:

  • Functional and durable
  • Flush overlay construction
  • Chemical resistant finishes
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in five different variety of finishes 
  • Drawers with a load setting of 75 lbs
  • Constructed with ¾” seven or five ply veneer with continuous ends
  • Door and drawer fronts have a full ¾” board with oak veneer on two sides and 3/8” offset lip on vertical edges 

Other Furniture Options: