Variable Air Volume (VAV)

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

LOC’s Variable Air Volume Fume Hood is specifically designed for use with exhaust control systems provided by other manufacturers that monitor and control the amount of air being exhausted from the hood. The use of these devices will allow air flow to adjust according to the position of the sash, as opposed to constant air volume systems. This ensures a constant face velocity is maintained while working and contributes to superior hood performance. This greatly reduces the operating cost of the system making you more energy efficient.


  • A variety of optional service fixtures are available from LOC for installation in the Variable Air Volume Fume Hood.
  • Mounting holes for service fixtures and electrical receptacles are pre-cut and capped when fixtures are not required.


Variable Volume (VAV) Fume Hood DimensionsVariable Volume (VAV) Fume Hood Specs

The static pressures listed above are for the hoods only. An appropriate amount will need to be added to this figure to compensate for the pressure drop through the duct system. The total pressure drop through the hood and the duct system must be known to select the proper exhaust blower.

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