Canopy Hoods

Canopy Hoods

Importance of a High-Quality Canopy Hood in the Laboratory

If you’re in charge of acquiring the supplies for a laboratory, a high-quality canopy hood is indispensable when it comes to many scientific projects. A good laboratory canopy hood can keep fungal cultures uncontaminated, filter toxins out of a lab, and keep heat, steam, and odors away from people and products that would otherwise be affected.

A canopy hood is a specific type of fume hood that’s designed to vent non-toxic vapors like steam, heat and odors. A canopy hood is not unlike the ventilation system that’s attached above stoves in a kitchen in that they are suspended systems used in non-critical environments. Schools are an excellent environment for canopy hoods.

Canopy Hoods for Lab Safety

Generally, canopy hoods are suspended from a ceiling, and a laboratory technician will work underneath the system when laboratory safety measures require such a technique. Here on our website, you will find a list of products that are durable, chemical resistant, and available in a wide range of sizes. Whether you are in need of a single flow hood for an educational laboratory or a larger amount for an industrial complex, we have your needs covered.

Canopy hoods are generally installed at work height and are used for many scenarios, such as protecting the environment, keeping an experiment or product safe, and making sure that the user is not exposed to nasty chemicals. They are generally set against walls and sometimes have built-in lights since interior lighting is often blocked out by the large size of the product. Depending on their specific use, hoods will either blow air outside the building or filter it and return back inside. If you’re interested in purchasing a laboratory canopy hood but aren’t entirely sure what you need, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We have a sales team that knows these products inside and out and is ready to help you get exactly what you need.

For more information about LOC Scientific’s canopy hoods, contact a member of the sales team today, or check out our online catalog.

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