Laboratory Furniture FAQs

At LOC Scientific we get frequent questions regarding lab design, materials and installation. It’s our goal to not only provide the products you need for your lab, but assist in educating you about the materials and their ideal uses.  Here are a few key questions we’ve answered recently.

What are the different material options for my cabinets?  Metal, Wood, Plastic Laminate, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Phenolic

What is the difference between the different materials? 
o   Metal:  Very cost effective and can take more abuse.  This is used in close to 80% of the commercial market.
o   Wood:  Slightly more in price the metal.  It has the warmest feeling when walking into a new lab, but has a lower life span because it can’t take a lot of abuse without showing.  This is used in 80% of the higher education market
o   Plastic Laminate:  One of the lowest cost options but has the lowest life span.  Even with Chemical resistant finished it has the lowest tolerance to abuse.  P-Lam is typically seen in k-12 market  (Typically not sold or recommended by LOC)
o   Stainless Steel:  Very Expensive.  This has a good life span and tolerance to abuse.  Stainless steel is typically seen in hospitals, morgues, or labs working with blood/biological agents
o   Polypropylene:  Very Expensive.  This has a good life span and tolerance to abuse.  This is mainly seen in areas with high concentrations of acids.  Polypro is typically specified by a customer and rarely recommended by us due to other materials that are less expensive but have the same resistances.
o   Phenolic:  Pricing is Between wood and Stainless.  This has a good life span and high tolerance to abuse.  Very good for areas where rusting can be a problem (labs by the ocean where they like to leave windows open, water labs), areas with high concentrations of acids,

What is the average life span for new lab furniture?  10-15 years depending on house-keeping.  Labs with very good house-keeping can last upwards of 20-25 years (this is rare though)

What is the average cost of a lab?  There are many things that factor into pricing:
o   The type of  cabinets you chose.
o   The size of your lab.
o   The importance of drawers vs. drawers in your cabinets.
o   If you need a fume hood and if so how many.
o   What services are needed in your lab.

What is the average lead time for new lab furniture?  4-6 weeks is typical for fabrication.  In the summer months this usually goes up to 6-8 weeks.

Can I or my maintenance staff install my new lab?  It is usually recommended that you use a professional to install your new lab but LOC can provide you with installation guides to installing your new lab furniture.

Do you have standard bench configurations?  Since every lab is different we do not have standard bench configurations.   LOC works closely with our customers to provide assistance in choosing cabinet material, room layout and specific cabinet configurations.  By working closely with our customers the end result is a lab that is functional, stylish and catered to your specific needs.