Importance of Laboratory Seating

Like other laboratory furniture, proper lab seating in an integral part of maximizing productivity, safety and comfort your work environment.  Whether choosing a basic stool or chair style lab seat, finding seating designed for lab specific use is key.  When considering new lab chairs make a few key considerations to find the ideal seating.

First consider working conditions.  All styles of seating, whether a traditional stool or ergonomic chair design, offer benefits for specific work conditions.  Work environments that require regularly moving from station to station, or moving materials may see a traditional stool design more convenient.  For lab environments that require longer periods of stationary work and focus, an ergonomic chair design may be more ideal.  Educational labs carry unique work conditions compared to GSA organizations.   Such conditions are key when deciding on your laboratory furniture.

Another important consideration is the upholstery needs of your seating.  Some laboratories may require specific vinyl fabrics to minimize bacteria-resistance, while others may need color guard treatment.  Some may be able to make use of basic upholstered fabrics.  Assessing the demands your seating will face will help you choose the right materials to maximize your lab furniture’s functionality.

Aesthetic appeal also shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing your laboratory chairs.  With frame options available in polishes aluminum, cast aluminum, tubular and reinforced nylon you have various levels of durability and finish to choose from.  It’s important to keep in mind that choosing seating with modular construction allows for adapting your seating needs over time.  A list of options including armrests, bases, foot rings allow for you to meet the specific demands, both functionally and aesthetically, of your lab with ease.

Proper consideration of laboratory chairs can improve working conditions and minimize costs associated with replacing less-ideal seating options.  Choosing the right chair application doesn’t have to be a difficult process and if made a part of your laboratory design can be a great long-term investment.