Advantaes of High Performance Fume Hoods

There have been significant improvements in the fume hood industry within the past few years. As U.S. citizens and the federal government focus more and more on the environmental impact of our equipment, it becomes necessary for those in the fume hood design and manufacturing business to take a step back and redesign some of their products to reduce their environmental footprint.  Because of these updated engineering designs, companies are able to offer high performance fume hoods that not only get the job done but do so in a safe & environmentally conscious manner. These are only some of the reasons why using a high performance fume hood is good for business.

1.      Efficiency – No longer is it enough for a fume hood function using the metrics of 100 feet per minute, but it must also function efficiently using a lower volume of air at the right amount of pressure for the perfect flow. High performance hoods are designed to maximize performance and reduce waste of conditioned air while it continues to stay within the containment limits as required in the ASHRAE 110 test.

2.      Safety – The safety of the technician is paramount with a high performance fume hood. By utilizing combination sashes, air flow monitors & aerodynamic spill containment air foils, technicians are able to conduct their activities with confidence knowing that they are protected.

3.      Air flow control – By tapering and rounding edges instead of sharp corners, the air flow is able to move more smoothly and with less turbulence. This makes for a more effective containment and efficiency of the overall exhaust system.

4.      Energy consumption – A conventional fume hood typically uses three to four times the energy of an average home and accounts for approximately $4.2 billion dollars in energy bills nationwide.    At half the energy costs of a conventional fume hood, the high performance fume hood system not only saves money by reducing the volume of air that needs to be conditioned and exhausted, it also reduces the size of the HVAC equipment saving on the original capital investment. Although energy efficiency was the goal of the design, we do not compromise on the reason you purchase a fume hood. SAFETY!

High performance fume hoods are just that; high performance. As engineering and design continues to move forward with efficiency and safety in mind, the products offered continue to evolve into better equipment. If you are redesigning a lab, or building one from the ground up, you should definitely consider a high performance fume hood.

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