A More Comprehensive Look at Fume Hoods

While some fume hood designs have very specific designs and purposes, it’s important to view your fume hood choice comprehensively.  When considering expanding your laboratory and in the process your fume hood, consider these areas to find the best fit for your lab.  They will ensure you consider your needs to the fullest.

Resistance to Wear
Many fume hoods handle specific materials more efficiently.  For example Perchloric acid fume hoods are designed to manage the washing and removal of perchlorates while radio isotope fume hoods provide the ideal setting for handling radioactive materials.  Getting the wrong fume hood in these instances would expose the hood to premature wear, corrosion, rust and the need to be replaced.  Your fume hood choice should be designed for the environment it will face.

Energy Efficiency
Most often lab owners see the fume hood itself as the most important aspect of energy efficiency for the hood system.  But it’s also important to note that the exhaust system and standard operating procedures followed by employees also make a big difference in the amount of energy consumed.  A maximized lab fume hood system can make the most of your hood efficiency as well as impact on heating and air demands within the lab.  Standard operating procedures that ensure fume hood sashes aren’t left open will also minimize the amount of energy a hood uses.

Laboratory fume hoods should be considered very early in the design phase.  It doesn’t matter if the lab design is for a research laboratory or educational venue. Fume hoods have unique needs for plumbing and electric that other areas of the lab don’t.  A well designed lab will maximize space and accommodate fume hood needs.  Laboratory fume hoods shouldn’t be considered an accessory or add-on to a lab, but should be a key component in the lab design from the start.  Placing a fume hood strategically within a laboratory will ensure necessary airflow and an ideal working area within the hood.

A comprehensive look at laboratory fume hoods will ensure you get the performance, safety and end results you’re expecting.  It can also help to have your lab professionally designed, installed and inspected to maximize its full potential.