Cleaning and Care of Epoxy Resin Countertops

The advantages of epoxy resin countertops are clear. In addition to their durability and being easy to maintain, they are also flame and moisture resistant and can handle most chemical spills. Because of these properties, epoxy resin countertops are ideal for use in a harsh laboratory setting. If you’re the manager, owner, teacher, or employee working in a lab facility it’s important to know how to clean and maintain epoxy resin surfaces properly because a clean lab is a safe lab.

First and foremost, do NOT use abrasives to clean epoxy resin countertops. These include certain all-purpose cleaners like Soft Scrub, and Comet, as well as scouring pads. Using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads will dull the surface of the countertops. If this occurs, they will have to be replaced much sooner than originally intended. Also, avoid wax or polishes that contain wax.

Most other cleaners, however, work perfectly well. For daily use, be sure to wipe up all spills and leaks immediately with a rag or towels. Chamois cloth is a great option as it’s both highly absorbent and gentle to the surface. Mild dish soap, Crystal Simple Green, and most non-abrasive household cleaners are good options for daily cleaning. For weekly or monthly cleaning, to maintain the epoxy resin surface, use mineral oil, or Murphy’s Oil conservatively. Too much will cause the surface to dull and become hazy.

In the event of a major spill, or just for peace of mind, you can also use paint thinner or acetone to clean the surface. This will ensure that the surface is absolutely clean and safe for future use. Just be mindful of the fumes associated with these two cleaners.

Epoxy resin laboratory countertops are designed to last. They are often the choice of labs designed for harsh environments such as those dealing with various chemicals and/or fire. They are also a good choice for schools because of their durability.

Proper cleaning and maintenance is essential to the longevity of your countertops.  By following these cleaning and care instructions your epoxy resin countertops will not only last, but their luster and functionality will be maintained as well.

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