Cleaning and Care for Trespa Phenolic Resin Counter Tops

Trespa phenolic resin counter tops are about as close to perfect as any counter top can be. The surface is completely free of pores making it nearly impervious to any and all materials that may be spilled on it. Not only does that include obvious lab materials like solvents and chemicals but the Trespa resin counter top is also resistant to bacteria, fungus and other biological elements, as well as heat. However, just because it’s impervious to almost everything doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be maintained.

The most obvious thing to do to keep your counter top is perfect condition is to clean up a spill immediately. While the Trespa is resistant to chemical agents, it’s still good lab practice to take care of splashes and splatters immediately, especially if the agent is toxic or corrosive. Once the chemical is cleaned up according to its specific protocol, it’s important to use the correct cleaning products for the counter as well.

The main thing to remember is to NOT use harsh abrasives to clean the surface of the counter. Things like scrubbing pads or powdered cleaning agents should be avoided because harsh abrasives may damage the non-porous surface.

The most effective way to clean the counter top is also the easiest. The only thing you need to clean the Trespa counter top is a soft towel, such as a chamois cloth, and a mild cleaning agent, like Simple Green. These items used together will provide a clean, lab-friendly surface without damaging the resin. For long term maintenance, the Trespa counter top does not need much attention. By simply taking care of spills immediately the counter top will stay in great condition.

Durability and sustainability are what make the Trespa phenolic counter top one of the best on the market. They are resistant to nearly everything and are very easy to clean and maintain. By following a few simple cleaning guidelines, you can ensure the longevity and functionality of the Trespa counter top for years to come.