Finding the Right Modular Workstation

Workstations, like other aspects of a lab are designed to meet specific needs for those using it.  Not every work station is developed the same and many offer very different features, ergonomics and durability.  Finding the correct modular workstation is key to the productivity, safety and convenience of working environments in your lab

  1. Consider its use:  all labs carry different demands for their equipment.  Education laboratories will sometimes see heavier use and more abuse, while scientific laboratories may require less durability, but may face more specific demands such as ergonomic comfort for extended periods of use.   For example, “HDL” Workbenches provide superior durability and simple cleanup.  For those demands requiring improved ergonomics and comfort, “ergo-line” style workbenches are ideal because they allow for more comfortable adjustability
  2. Adjustability:  every lab needs to be considered unique when choosing furniture.  Most educational labs look to simpler, more durable work benches.  Because the duration of many classes is limited, the adjustability of a bench is less of a focus than professional science laboratories.  For labs requiring extended periods of time it’s important to consider the adjustability of your workbenches to best accommodate staff needs.   Workbenches such as our Millennium II and Ergo-line both offer adjustability.  If you’re lab needs UL and CSA approved adjustable tables, only one will meet those needs.  Not every workbench offers the adjustability you need so it’s important to be clear about your needs when looking for lab furniture.
  3. Specialization:  Specialized jobs call for specialized lab furniture.  Too often lab staff members experience increase fatigue and even repetitive motion injuries because their workstations aren’t developed for use in specific applications.  If you’re in a specialized industry such as electrical wire harness development, there are workbenches developed with unique specialized features such as tilting table tops with clamps and other important controls.  Specialized labs shouldn’t be limited by their workstations.

Finding the right modular work station is a small part of creating the best laboratory work environment possible.  When designin a new lab or renovating your current lab it’s key to address the most used furniture first. Well-developed workstations should be a priority in any lab desig