Importance of Laboratory Seating

Like other laboratory furniture, proper lab seating in an integral part of maximizing productivity, safety and comfort your work environment.  Whether choosing a basic stool or chair style lab seat, finding seating designed for lab specific use is key.  When considering new lab chairs make a few key considerations to find the ideal seating. First […]

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Cleaning and Care of Epoxy Resin Countertops

The advantages of epoxy resin countertops are clear. In addition to their durability and being easy to maintain, they are also flame and moisture resistant and can handle most chemical spills. Because of these properties, epoxy resin countertops are ideal for use in a harsh laboratory setting. If you’re the manager, owner, teacher, or employee […]

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Must Have Fixtures in Your Lab

Whether designing a new lab from the ground up, or doing a complete renovation, there are many things to consider. So many decisions, in fact, that it’s easy to get lost in the details. The simplest way to assure that you’ve covered everything in your scientific laboratory design is to break the lab down into […]

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Why Does Your Lab Need a Fume Hood?

If you work with potentially harmful materials in your laboratory, a fume hood is an essential piece of equipment to keep researchers, employees, teachers or students safe. While many different types of fume hoods exist, the basic principle behind them all is a work space with one open side that allows fresh air to be […]

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Advantaes of High Performance Fume Hoods

There have been significant improvements in the fume hood industry within the past few years. As U.S. citizens and the federal government focus more and more on the environmental impact of our equipment, it becomes necessary for those in the fume hood design and manufacturing business to take a step back and redesign some of […]

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