Laboratory Furniture FAQs

At LOC Scientific we get frequent questions regarding lab design, materials and installation. It’s our goal to not only provide the products you need for your lab, but assist in educating you about the materials and their ideal uses.  Here are a few key questions we’ve answered recently. What are the different material options for […]

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Lab Fume Hood Types

Determining which laboratory fume hood is right for your lab is a very important decision. Mostly it depends on what you will be using the lab for but other factors, such as operator convenience and ease-of-use, budget as well as ventilation duct design also play key roles. Luckily, the market for fume hoods has expanded […]

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Top Laboratory Stressors

Most jobs are stressful in one way or another and lab workers are no exception. In fact, when it comes to the body they may be the rule as many lab positions require repetitive motions for long periods of time. In addition, misuse of the body within these repetitive motions only adds to the stress. […]

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Finding the Right Modular Workstation

Workstations, like other aspects of a lab are designed to meet specific needs for those using it.  Not every work station is developed the same and many offer very different features, ergonomics and durability.  Finding the correct modular workstation is key to the productivity, safety and convenience of working environments in your lab Consider its […]

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Importance of Laboratory Seating

Improves the Work Environment Ask any scientist who’s studied the body, and you’ll get a consensus: The human body wasn’t meant to sit all day. Yet scientists routinely ignore health and safety in the laboratory with subpar chairs, resulting in a lack of comfort, poor posture and long-term health issues. Fortunately, quality chairs are becoming […]

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