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The MAC HEPA Filter and Housing is designed to be replaced complete and properly disposed of including incineration. The transportation, storage and disposal of filters/housings must follow EPA standards for 6.2 Bio-Hazard materials. LOC Scientific can help with your filter/housing replacement and disposal. Please, contact us at 877-527-5775 for more information concerning filter/housing replacement and disposal.

MAC is an acrostic for Modular Air-Filtration Component. HEPA is an acrostic for High Efficiency Particulate Air. When you combine both, you get a MAC HEPA, which is an air filtration component that can efficiently filter air at 99.97% at 0.30 micrometer particles at one inch water column. The standards we follow to manufacture our filter housings and test them with a manufacturer certified filter installed in the housing is the BMBL (Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories).


  • HEPA Filter is tested by the manufacturer at 99.97% at 0.30 micrometer efficiency
  • HEPA Filter installed in the housing and the complete assembly is certified at 99.97% at 0.30 micrometer efficiency (Certification documents are provided.)
  • The complete Housing and Filter is manufactured with materials suitable for incineration
  • 3/4” test/decontamination ports with caps are provided on the upstream and downstream sides, attached to the collars of the flanges
  • Labels for Air Flow and certifications
  • HEPA Filter is 24” x 12” x 11.5”D and rated up to 1320 CFM
  • HEPA Filter frame and separators are made of aluminum
  • Filter Housing is 00”W x 00”H x 00”D and is made of aluminum
  • Hardware for assembling the housing is made of aluminum
  • ½” insulation covers the outside of the housing
  • 12” flange on both upstream and downstream sides


  • The Filter/Housing price does not include replacing or disposal of existing filter/housing.
  • Taxes and freight will be added separately.
  • Third party testing and certification of the filter housing is performed with a manufacturer certified filter installed in the housing.
  • This filter cannot be scanned.

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