LOC Scientific Unleashes New Online Lab Planner

LOC Scientific is proud to announce their new, online lab planner featured on the website. The lab planner is designed so that users answer a few questions about their lab and then receive recommendations for their lab from LOC. Recommendations are shown as a detailed list explaining the type of equipment the lab will require based on what the lab will store, what chemicals will be used in the lab and what services will be required in the lab. The results are exact and complete with photos and helpful links to additional information. The goal of these recommendations is to inform users of everything their laboratory will require to fulfill its purpose.

Wayne Nichols from LOC Scientific said, “The initial planning stage of any laboratory is design. The right design will guarantee a productive, work efficient laboratory environment. We believe that LOC’s innovative online lab planner promotes awareness to various concept and design choices that otherwise could be omitted. This single preliminary step to action will be the catalyst that launches your laboratory from vision to reality.” Nichols has been in the laboratory industry for 30 years and is passionate about helping clients design the best lab for their specific needs.

LOC Scientific offers expertise and service that is unmatched in assisting clients in designing high-quality, energy efficient laboratories. Need help designing your lab? Contact LOC today!