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Fume Hood Laboratory Planner - Good Fume Hood Laboratory Planner - Bad
Figure 1: Good Location Figure 2: Poor Location

Fume Hood Location

When selecting a location for your fume hoods, operator convenience, work flow and exhaust duct locations should all be considered. It is inconvenient and dangerous to install a fume hood so that the operator is forced to work in the line of traffic movement. Cross drafts from open doors and windows can adversely affect the performance of the fume hood and should be planned for.

Velocity Selection

Selection of the face velocity should be directly related to the location of the fume hood. In a good location, (as shown in Figure 1) the fume hood should operate at a face velocity of 75FPM. A poorly located fume hood (as shown in Figure 2) may require a face velocity of 125 FPM to maintain proper performance.

Fume Hood Operation

A fume hood must be properly installed and operated in order to achieve optimum performance. OSHA requires laboratories, where hazardous chemicals are used, to develop and carry out a written chemical hygiene plan so during your design stage, include provisions for monitoring your fume hoods.

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