Flow Safe High Performance Hood

Designed for safety. LOC’s basic concept for fume hoods revolves around safety and performance.

LOC High Performance Fume Hoods come with a full view combination horizontal/vertical sash. The sash has four top hung laminated safety glass sliding panels. The sash assembly is conveniently counter balanced for easy up and down movements of the sash.

Fixed viewing panel. For maximum viewing of the hood interior, a fixed viewing panel is located at the top of the sash opening. This convenient panel placement offers the operator a clear view of the hood interior.

Double wall construction. LOC’s fume hood superstructure allows for installation of service fixtures and routing of interior plumbing and electrical lines.

Access to the interior wall is provided through panels on the interior side walls and by removing the exterior side panel.

“Resin Chem” interior lining. The interior of the LOC High Performance Fume Hood is lined with white “Resin Chem.” The baffle assembly is fabricated from aluminum and coated with chemical resistant epoxy paint. Optional liner materials are available.

Ergonomically designed for user comfort and productivity.

The REV-VFV-1 damper’s “butterfly” design makes adjustments to fume hood exhaust flow quick, easy and cost effective.

Room Alert ™ Room Pressure Alarm/Control

Easily measure fume hood exhaust within a 10 point level of accuracy! Airflow volume is adjusted automatically through the baffle which adjusts for environmental and usage conditions such as sash movement, hood loading, room pressure fluctuations and cross drafts.

A significant way to become more GREEN and ENERGY efficient

  • EPA Tested & Approved
  • All fume hood models are tested with the ASHRAE 110 test at the factory
  • Tested at 50 FPM face velocity
  • Contributes to LEED program standards
  • Zero spills
  • Meets and/or exceeds SEFA standards



Plumbing and electrical fixtures, hood alarm, base cabinet(s) and dished top are optional and must be ordered separately.

Mounting holes for service fixtures and electrical receptacles are pre-cut and capped when fixtures are not required.

Service and electrical fixtures are optional and must be ordered separately.

For rough-in details, please refer to our online catalog (pdf) for additional specifications.